Политика за поверителност

KUZMANOV Foundation DOES NOT COLLECT AND PROCESS PERSONAL DATA, except in cases where our customers or users of our website CONSCIOUSLY decide to provide us with such data in order to fulfill their order or in response to their question or request for an offer.

In these cases, in the KUZMANOV Foundation we observe basic principles in the processing of personal data, such as legality; good faith and transparency; correlation of the processing with the goals; data minimization; storage restriction, etc.

Mr. Krasi Stoyanov is a Data Protection Officer in the team of KUZMANOV Foundation according to the EU Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR). You can contact him by email: office@foundationkuzmanov.com

In cases where our customers or users of our site at their will provide us with their personal data, this data is stored only for the time necessary to answer the question, the implementation of the task or in connection with any business that may arise in this regard. relationships. Once the need to store this data is eliminated, it is destroyed.

We, the KUZMANOV Foundation, do not collect or process special categories of personal data (so-called sensitive personal data) or personal data of children under any pretext.

Under no pretext does the KUZMANOV Foundation provide to third parties personal data received by itself to its contractors or users of its company website.

When a User on the site of the KUZMANOV Foundation registers and creates a personal profile for the use of a course / service, he needs to provide the following data:

- names;

- email;

- telephone / GSM number;

When a user needs an invoice, he needs to provide data to the organization / institution such as: name of the organization / institution, address, BULSTAT / UIC, MALL.

KUZMANOV Foundation reserves the right to update, amend and supplement its personal data protection policy at any time, in accordance with its decision or when circumstances or legislation so require.


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